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More to the point, you have found a resource that will help you get your finances to the "right place". Personal Planning Power () was developed as both a financial planning application as well as a consumer's guide.

The application capabilities of  can help you build a proper portfolio, correct an improperly positioned one, project future wealth and income, and analyze key decisions such as when to retire or how to pay for college.

The guide will help you avoid bad investments, eliminate sales commissions, reduce costs in all your financial undertakings, and spot schemes and scams.

When you download , at first glance you will notice the planning aspects, with tabs clearly delineating sections for personal and financial data. Look deeper and you will see menu headings that open up to volumes of revealing articles. In easily understood terms, describes securities, explains portfolio theories, identifies products with hidden sales fees, exposes scams of which you may already be a victim, and a host of other topics.


Before personal computers and the internet, to invest in anything more sophisticated than a bank passbook you had to work with a broker who provided access to securities. Today, you have direct access to the markets.

Still, there are many millions who invest through commission skimming sales professionals. Some do such due to lack of knowledge or confidence. Others have been swayed by very persuasive sales tactics. There are also many who do not invest through salespeople but sense they are making many mistakes.

Personal Planning Power was developed to fill any gaps that people may sense about their abilities to invest individually. If you need asset allocation assistance, can help. If you are not aware of the many investment options available, can educate you. If you have certain goals and want to be shown a course to attain those goals, can calculate the needed actions. The pillars on which was constructed are imbedded in its name.

Personal - was designed to benefit you, not some firm or salesperson. Your assets, your debt, your income, your  expenses, your goals, and your attitudes toward risk will determine the content of the reports.

Planning - analyzes your current situation and reports ways to improve it. projects likely paths and displays alternate ones given found beneficial changes or your assumptions.  makes key decisions easier.

Power - has unlimited capacity to handle your information. No limit on the number of family members, or accounts, or expenses, or  any data category. No limit on how you classify your information. Enter living expenses as one number, or itemize. List individual stocks and bonds, or put in one amount each for all your stocks and all your bonds. Create securities. Make changes at will and run as many projections as you like.

Importantly, you can do all of the above without the meddling of a salesperson. You will not be conned into commissionable products, faddish investments that hurt more than they help, etc. brings to you the tools to plan and invest smartly. Knowledge is power; in the realm of finances, with you will have both.