p3 Guides you to the best financial choices for you.
No More, NO leSS.

P3 (Personal Planning Power) is an easy to use platform that actively consolidates and curates the necessary financial planning tools, guides and information to help anyone immediately implement and maintain financial habits that will maximize wealth through proper investing and optimal management of other affairs like insurance and debt.

P3 is simple, safe, powerful and most importantly, personal.

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Wealth Projections

From college to retirement, experiment with cash flow and wealth projections for the course of your entire life.

Needs Assessment

Based off the future goals you set, compare and contrast the ways you can reach your targets.

Risk Tolerance

Asses your actual aversion to risk, and discover exactly how much to invest where to meet or exceed your goals.

Investment Guidance

Get up-to-date instructions on building a high-performance portfolio and minimizing expenses through specific institutions and securities.



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