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There are ten myths on investing that are holding you back, and P3 will break you free. P3 will give you personal, planning power.

For instance, did you know that:

The 4 Basic Reports1) you only need 4 reports to know if you are on track financially?

2) you only need 3 reports to get you back on track financially?

3) there are "legal" scams out there, and when Congress tries to pass laws to fix it, Wall Street spend big dollars and lobby like crazy to stop it? This is not a Republican or Democrat thing both parties take Wall Street money and you, the "Average Joe" loses.

4) financial planners and investment broker/advisor make money regardless of if you make money or loss money? And that if you make money with them, well actually they take a large percentage of your gains, and if you lose, you lose the same percentage?

5) financial planners and investment broker/advisor all follow basically a similar process to "help" you invest your money? One that you can follow on your own?

Russian cyber-thief Evgeniy Bogachev6) you do not need to divulge all your secret information to anyone, thus needlessly exposing yourself to cyber-theft, and risk losing all your money to cyber-theft to know how to manage your investments?

7) that most financial planners and investment broker/advisor perform worse than ETFs?

8) that the majority of Americans have only $20,000 in a savings account?

9) that 65% of all Americans have no 401k plans, and of those that do have 401k plans, 35% have about $70,000 balance? Clearly, not much of a retirement nest egg?

Remember how Enron ripped everyone off?10) most people think that you need to be a financial "wiz". Universally, people fear money matters and investing. These are fears and myths that Wall Street and Financial Planners play on. These are the same fears that folks had when preparing their taxes, that one needed a CPA. That was before Turbo Tax. Well, we will do for investors what on-line tax services did for tax payers (and we all are both investors and tax payers).

If you wish to invest well and lack trust of Wall Street, you have come to the right place.

P3 LogoMore to the point, you have found a resource that will help you get your finances to the "right place". Personal Planning Power (P3) was developed as both a financial planning application as well as a consumer's guide.

The application capabilities of P3 can help you build a proper portfolio, correct a badly positioned one, project future wealth and income, and analyze key decisions such as when to retire or how to pay for college.

The guide will help you avoid bad investments, eliminate sales commissions, reduce costs in all your financial undertakings, and spot schemes and scams.

When you download P3, at first glance you will notice the financial planning....

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