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Evaluate Status: Hypothesize any Conceivable Circumstance

Allows Unlimited Changes, Unlimited Runs

When you visit a financial planner, you normally fill out a detailed questionnaire. The information from that questionnaire is then submitted to a computer program which then spits out an often lengthy detailed report. After paying many hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars, that report is ready for the recycle bin the moment you experience a change not anticipated on the questionnaire.

How Can Help

provides useful reports once your information is entered. When something changes, you can put that change into and get another useful report. Even if your life stays on course, markets often surprise, again making a stagnant printout obsolete. With there are no limits. Maybe you would like to see the effect of changing jobs; or sending a child to private school; or investing more aggressively. Add or remove people. Alter inflation rates. Adjust your risk tolerance when your confidence in the markets grows or wanes.

A planner would charge you, and probably become perturbed from repeated requests for adjusted plans. We say have fun. With , the power to change, and to know the effects of change, is with you.