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Decide Well: Make Excellent Decisions with Our Tools

Debt, Education, Retirement Dates, and More

Long term financial health is well served by long term planning and appropriate adjustments to behavior. Many important financial events are more "of the moment". Should a loan be refinanced? How should next year's tuition be met? When is the best time to start collecting Social Security benefits? When, if ever, can a second home be purchased?

How Can Help

comes with handy calculators that help you make financially rational decisions on a number of important issues. Considering refinancing your mortgage? Don't rely on a salesperson - let do the math. Not sure when you should start collecting Social Security benefits? Don't merely rush for the earliest benefit or wait for the highest payments - let show you the ramifications so you are comfortable with your choice. Considering a major purchase absolutely unaffordable now? Don't give up hope - pick a range of acceptable purchase dates and let show you what lump sum and/or monthly savings amounts can get you to your goal.

Come across a situation not addressed by our tools? Contact 's developers directly at Ernst & Allen and make a suggestion. Serving your needs makes better for everyone.