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Plan at Will: Plan for a Brighter Future

Don't Wait for Something Good to Happen. Make It Happen.

Planning is important, but efficient and effective execution of actionable ideas from plans. is more important than just "planning". With you can generate plans, act, and after changes plan and act again and again.

Generate Financial Projections at Will

If you obtain a financial plan from a 'professional', the moment something material changes that plan becomes moot. To recast numbers after such changes, you have to get a new plan, perhaps at new expense, certainly with delay. gives you the power to create as many financial projections as you want whenever you want. Hypothesize about any conceivable event, change, or market condition. Explore different retirement options. Compare the impact of private versus public education. provides tools that help you make wise decisions on almost any financial topic.

Reduce Costs

not only helps you earn more; also helps you spend less. guides you to institutions that provide services at least cost. shows how to build any desired investment exposure most efficiently. provides information and tools to help you lower interest debt and minimize insurance costs.

Gain Peace of Mind

With , you can rest assured that you are doing the right things with your money. You can learn as much as you want through the forums, articles, and other features that shed a bright, often revealing light on the world of investments. You can instead simply enter your data, get the results, make the logical changes to your portfolio, and then get on with the rest of your life. was designed to help you maximize wealth and minimize the time needed to do so.

Additional "Plan at Will" topics for which P3 assists the average investor, because one does not need a Wall Broker to make smart decisions, they just need P3:

Evaluate status - learn how P3 helps you to evaluate your status (where you are today)

Test anything - learn how P3 helps you test any 'idea' you might have (i.e., what if I invest in this instead)

Meet goals - learn how P3 helps you meet your goals (e.g., college savings, vacation home, refinance your loan, etc.)

Retire in comfort - learn how P3 helps you worry less about retirement and focus on living life now knowing you are doing the right thing

Decide well - learn how P3 helps your decision making powers