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Harmful People: How Full Service Brokers Are Paid to Hurt You

They Are Salespeople, Not Portfolio Managers

A long time ago in places far away from the stock exchange, brokers were needed by anyone wanting to buy any stock. Since deregulation of the industry, and especially since financial platforms were put on the web, anyone can buy and sell stocks, bonds and almost every other type of security with a mere click on a computer.

Succinctly put, if you invest through David Lerner, Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Smith Barney, UBS, or any of the other "full service, full price" brokers, you are being ripped off. You have access to shiny reports, colorful screens, and a seemingly empathetic representative. Unfortunately, you are paying top dollar sales commissions while not getting a scintilla of added value. Brokers, by definition, get paid for transactions. Most of these firms have set up means to smooth out and even exaggerate commissions via schemes like wrap accounts and certain mutual fund platforms. Brokers are paid to get you into these. They are not paid to serve you. Whether they go by the title financial consultant, advisor, whatever, the brokers at the full service firms have one goal ? get your assets into their institution. Once in, the fees and commissions hit hard and then the salesperson's job is to keep you. They are paid handsomely to do so, and you are the one paying them.

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