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Avoid Rip-offs: Don't Get Fooled Again

Invest without Gimmicks, Hype, and Cons

It's not what you earn that matters; it's what you keep. sheds light on the fees, scams, and other means by which financial firms and reps strip money from your accounts and into theirs. You can stop bleeding  and grow wealth faster. can show you how.

Know Who (not) to Trust

There are a number of firms and individuals in the financial industry that are truly in it to provide needed services. helps you identify those you should consider. Important factors include cost, service availability, and pay structure. Unlike the medical and legal professions, whose practitioners must act in the best interest of their clients, financial salespeople are under no such obligation. steers your decisions on firms and investments in a manner that benefits you and your family, not someone's bonus.

Never Pay a Sales Charge

Most client facing investment professionals are salespeople who offer no actual value-added service. Many use the title advisor. Others claim to be planners, or consultants, or counselors. Some even deign to call themselves portfolio managers. But if they are paid to gather assets, if they get commissions of any kind, they are salespeople. Sales fees are embedded in a wide variety of products: loaded mutual funds, annuities, certain insurance policies, and trading commissions are just a few examples. The amount siphoned by sales charges cuts returns by substantial percentages - anywhere from 20% or so up to 100% or more, depending on the asset class. guides you toward investments without sales fees and provides key planning and portfolio information you might have been seeking from a salesperson.

Avoid Scams

Since the 1984 movie "Wall Street", the phrase "greed is good" became a part of our vernacular. Over the past quarter century, greed became legal. In early 2010, executives of a major Wall Street firm testified in Congress, almost proudly, that their job was to make money for themselves - not their clients. This particular firm had just reported quarterly profits of about $10 billion of which $1 billion was earned serving clients, $9 billion serving themselves. will guide you away from practices that benefit Wall Street at your expense.

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