your financial future should BE under your control.

We created P3 because we realized the finance market place purposefully makes investing seem like a monstrous undertaking.  As industry experts, we know you don’t have to be one to invest for yourself.

We’ve made it simple, safe, powerful and most importantly, personal.

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What do we want to accomplish?

We created P3 (Personal Planning Power) to help anyone immediately implement financial habits that will maximize wealth through proper investing and optimal management of other affairs like insurance and debt.

The mysterious and seemingly complicated analyses that help create  the right portfolio mix and plan for events like retirement or education, are just mathematical programs. There is no need to pay a salesperson (using whatever title) for his or her "expert knowledge”, since the meaningful expertise is just a collection of fill-in-the-blank computer programs. P3 simply makes these programs directly accessible, so you can be in control of your own investments and ultimately financial security.

Your Gains

Stay Yours

The information provided by P3 does not constitute investment advice. However, by shedding light on the financial impact of changing your asset allocation, institutions you deal with, securities held, and other pertinent behaviors, it will be clear how to avoid bad decisions and firms. You will quickly be empowered to make consistently sound financial choices rather than paying someone to make them for you.



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